Visa support

Almost all foreign nationals should obtain an entry visa to the Russian Federation.

For citizens of certain foreign countries, there may be exceptions allowing short-time visa-free travel to Russia, you can quickly check it at Timatic, but we strongly advise you to further check that information in advance in the Russian embassy or consulate of your home country.

We provide supporting documents for Humanitarian visas

Requirements. To apply for a humanitarian visa, you must, on the date of visa request, satisfy the following requirements

Due to strict time limits and bureaucratic formalities, we highly advice you to pay your registration fee and make visa requests in a very timely manner, because we can initiate the process of preparing papers for a humanitarian visa only after receiving the registration fee from you. The deadlines mentioned below should not be taken as the "latest possible" times; early application for visa support is highly appreciated!

EU citizens except UK, Ireland can obtain visa support letter for humanitarian visa based on the EU—Russia Agreement on the Facilitation of the Issuance of Visas of 2006 (for applicability, consult the Russian consulate in your country). Applying for a humanitarian visa based on the mentioned EU—Russia Agreement (see article 6, paragraph 3, clause (h) of it) entitles you to obtain visa free of charge.

US citizens can obtain visa support letter for humanitarian visa based on U.S.-Russia Visa Agreement entered into force on September 9, 2012.

All other nationals obtain visa invitation via general procedure, which takes longer time.

The deadlines for humanitarian visa requests are as follows.

July 20, 2015

EU citizens except UK, Ireland; US citizens

June 30, 2015

All other nationals (general case)


Please request visa support letter at, providing copy of your passport and the filled form. Please put "visa support" in the subject line.

After your visa request, scanned visa support letter will be sent to you by email. You visa support letter will be ready in about 1 week for EU citizens except UK, Ireland, and US citizens; and in about 1 month for all other nationals.

Request by email the paper original of visa invitation, if necessary (for example if the Russian consulate in your country requests a paper original of the visa invitation and you have informed us about this fact). This paper original will be sent to you by conventional mail. (Please keep in mind that it may take a lot of time and plan accordingly.)

Proceed with all formalities in the Russian consulate in your home country.

In all cases, we highly advice you to consult the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country prior to visa request, because the actual requirements for visa applicants may differ from country to country, and inform us about all irregularities you may find out.

Please note that all foreign citizens arriving to Russia have to fill in a migration card while passing through customs. The migration card is normally given before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.). Be careful in filling in this migration card and keep this card until leaving Russia.