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Below is the reservation form from our partner Reisebuero WELT, where you can book hotels Sputnik and Astrus at discounted prices and order visa support (tourist visa).

EU citizens except UK, Ireland can obtain visa support letter for humanitarian visa based on the EU—Russia Agreement on the Facilitation of the Issuance of Visas of 2006 (for applicability, consult the Russian consulate in your country). Applying for a humanitarian visa based on the mentioned EU—Russia Agreement (see article 6, paragraph 3, clause (h) of it) entitles you to obtain visa free of charge. Please request this letter at ispo-2013@ispm.ru, providing following information: copy of your passport, your occupation, your employer full name and address, country and city where you intend to obtain the visa in Russian Consulate, intended dates of stay in Russia.