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Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to welcome you on the web-site of XI Andrianov conference and invite you to take an active part in its work.

Conference devoted to the chemistry of organosilicon compounds has become a tradition. This year we will hold the 11th Conference.  In year 2005 the conference was dedicated to the centenary of the prominent scientist, the founder and organizer of organosilicon chemistry in USSR, academician K.A. Andrianov. In this connection the regular conference was named after K.A. Andrianov.

The development of organosilicon chemistry and technology is one of the important distinctive features of the level of State development.  Suffice it to say, that less than 10 states in the world have full circle of organosilicon production. Russian Federation has strong scientific potential in this field as one of the few countries, which independently created and developed the whole branch of the industry, the network of large-scale manufacturers and pilot productions.

Development of organosilicon science is very important for broad range of industrial branches from aviation and cosmonautics to medicine.

Conference aims to discuss the most actual problems, tendencies and perspectives of the organosilicon chemistry; to detect points of increase, where most interesting results were obtained recently and to consider creation of new technologies and materials.

Special attention will be paid to the investigation of chemistry and properties of the organosilicon compounds, to the new structures and non-traditional synthetic methods, such as processed in active media, methods of organomagnesium and direct synthesis of alkoxysilanes and also new organosilicon polymers and perspectives of their application. Scientific programme will include lectures of the most competent Russian and international scientists, working in this field.

Welcome to the XI Andrianov conference!

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