Dow Corning


Abstract submission is closed.

Formatting instructions

We recommend you to download abstract sample and use it as a template for your own abstract.

Document format: Microsof Word (*.doc) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf).
Abstract size: one A4 page.
All margins: 2,5 cm. Font: Times New Roman with single line spacing.
Title: all caps, bold 12 pt, alignment – center. Indent 12 pt.
Authors’ names: italic 12 pt, alignment – center, name of the speaker should be underlined. Indent 6 pt.
Organization(s) (only names of the organizations without their addresses) and e-mail: normal 12 pt, alignment – center. Indent 12 pt.
Text: 1 full page, normal 12 pt, alignment – justified, paragraph indent 1 cm.
References: normal 12 pt, name of the journal should be italic, volume - bold.
Pictures should be inserted in line with text.
Picture titles: below pictures, normal 12 pt, alignment – center. Indent 6 pt.
Gratitude for financial support should be below body text, italic 10 pt.